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Unfortunately, the release of our new album will take more time to complete, we still have lots of problems with our rehearsal room (moisture and mustiness). It's currently impossible to work there. So we hope to present "Devious Doorways" next year till summer's end.

Definetely NOT the end of our Journey ... 3,5 years appears to be a long time, but hey ... even The Eagles took a 14-Year-Vacation. The point is, we never stopped believing in Abarax and in our Music. And now it seems that the search for a new rehearsal room is over, and it's a happy-end We are busy with redecoration ... we all just can't wait to play the first tunes in our new "Abarax Home". Stay tuned for photos ... and, of course, for music ... "fresh from the oven"

 Devious Doorways  -  first trailer of our upcoming album - release unfortunately not before the end of 2014


 Blue Room  -  back in store again !!


1. Cry Out For Me (2:24)
2. Autumn Storm (7:18)
3. Sermons And Lies (9:24)
4. Life (8:04)
5. As We Spoke (8:39)
6. Arena (5:19)
7. Red Roses And Bullets (6:07)
8. Howards End (10:55)



A Flower Full Of Stars

The breathtaking (4 CDs + 80 pages booklet) box-set is out now:


a01 Abarax "Last Minute on Earth" 
a02 Argos "Cosmic Circus" (including "Babylon")
a03 Ashwave Progchard Project "Alert..! Turn the flora to this world"
a04 Aurora Lunare "Trading My Soul"
a05 Chris "Different People"
a06 CDFmE "Grand Old World"
a07 Expedition Delta "Selfconsuming Fire"
a08 Final Conflict "A Kings Prayer"

b01 Flamborough Head "Blessing a Smile"
b02 Forgotten Suns "In the Eyes of the World"
b03 Gaou "Rumble Fish Twist"
b04 Guitar Garden "Ghost of the Red Cloud"
b05 Kate "The Man Who Walked With Kings"
b06 Marco Lo Muscio "Pipes of Peace"
b07 Michael Ogodorov Band "Close Your Eyes / A King's Prayer"
b08 Mist Season "Lobsterland Groove"
b09 Oracle "World Without a Heart"

c01 Orchestre Celesti "The Rainmaker"
c02 Pandora "Theme for a Hero"
c03 Phaedra "Calling Home"
c04 Projection "Stardust We Are"
c05 Romanov "What if God is Alone"
c06 Roz Vitalis "Dream on Dreamer"
c07 Sky Architect "Silent Sorrow"
c08 Sky Club "Church of Your Heart"

d01 Soniq Circus "Sword of God"
d02 Spoton "Don't Let the Devil In" (medley*)
d03 Supernal Endgame "The Flower King"
d04 Tabula Smaragdina "Devil's Playground" (The Scars of Evil)
d05 The Samurai of Prog "World of Adventures"
d06 Tinyfish "Jealousy"
d07 Unitopia "The Way the Waters are Moving"
d08 Vanilla Project "Serious Dreamers"
d09 Yesterdays „Cosmic Cover"

Abarax will do a special version (10:27) of the Flower Kings track "Last Minute On Earth" for new Box Set which will consists of 30 other progressive rock bands from around the world. (a Colossus & Musea release)

More news to come. For now, enjoy the teaser (3:59) and the album cover!



The new album Blue Room was released worldwide on 21st March 2010 and is now available also on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

1. Cry Out For Me (2:24)
2. Autumn Storm (7:18)
3. Sermons And Lies (9:24)
4. Life (8:04)
5. As We Spoke (8:39)
6. Arena (5:19)
7. Red Roses And Bullets (6:07)
8. Howards End (10:55)


03.08.2009 - A happy outcome is worth waiting for - recordings for the upcoming album Blue Room will be finished soon. The material sounds brilliant and we promise some good stuff.

17.05.2009 - excellent photos of our "support for SAGA gig" on 3rd May '09 at Z 7 Pratteln can be seen here

28.03.2009 - Summers End Festival Lydney 2008

We are delighted to announce that Official festival photographer Chris Walkden’s superb photos of Summers End 2008 can now be seen here







30.11.2008 - now available for download:

a special Director's Cut of our album "Crying Of The Whales" with the newly mixed title track in an epical length of more than 25 minutes.

Please visit our shop.


1. Crying Of The Whales / Part I - A Salty Sting - The Journey - Part II (25:27)

2. Whale Massacre (13:08)

3. Part Of Evolution (3:06)

4. Nature's Voice (5:44)

5. Point Of No Return (6:18)

6. All These Walls (8:34)

7. Journey's End (7:33)

29.11.2008 - We have been invited to support SAGA at the famous Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln (CH) on 3rd May 2009

21.08.2008 - Summers End Festival Lydney    26.Sep. - 28.Sep. 2008
We're all looking forward to play the festival on Saturday, the 27th of September.
BTW, this day is already sold out!!
15.06.2008 - Karoline Peucker has left the band for personal reasons
Good Luck for the future, Karo!
10.06.2008 - next gigs: 27. Sep. 2008 Summers End Festival, 18. Oct. 2008 - Die Halle, Frankfurt a M. + 19. Oct.2008 - Movie, Bielefeld / Frankfurt and Bielefeld together with the famous british band ALSO EDEN. More dates to be announced.
18.01.2008 - Baja Prog Festival, Mexico
Sorry to have to inform you that we can't make it to the BajaProg this year. Hope to see you all in Mexico in 2009.
30.11.2007 - next gig confirmed - 2. Feb. 2008 - Movie Bielefeld
more info in German here
15.10.2007 - Peter Schlüter has left the band for personal reasons
Good Luck for the future, Peter!
11.10.2007 - ProgFarm Festival - 03.11.07  in Bakkeveen, Holland
We are looking forward to this famous event organized by Flamborough Head. See you in Bakkeveen!
08.09.2007 - Summer`s End Festival
We are very sorry to have to inform you that we have to cancel our participation at the Summers End Festival because of unexpected occupational reasons.
14.04.07 - Gig with Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists
it was a great pleasure for us to play with such excellent musicians. Thanks a bunch to Erik Norlander, Lana Lane, Kristoffer Gildenlöw, Mark McCrite, Ernst van Ee, Peer Verschuren and the whole team. Some impressions here and here
07.03.2007 - next gig confirmed: 14.04.07 Irrlicht, Spenge-Bünde - together with the famous Rocket Scientists & Lana Lane
more info:
16.02.2007 - Abarax confirmed for Summer`s End Festival
We're delighted to have been added to the line up for Summer's End Festival '07, taking place at the Robin2 Club in Bilston, Wolverhampton/England on September 15th & 16th 2007, where we will appear alongside It Bites, Pain of Salvation, Solstice, Whimwise, Yesterdays, Tinyfish & Also Eden.
more info: 
26.01.2007 - pROCKfest 2007 with Abarax
Saturday, 10th November 2007 live on stage together with Pallas (Scotland), Galahad, Also Eden ( both from England), For Absent Friends (Holland) and Ricochet (Germany). The line up for Friday, 9. November: Cast (Mexico), Overhead (Finland), Alias Eye, Cuerock, Univerve and Sylvan (Germany).
more info:
15.11.2006 - new song from Abarax on CYCLOPS sampler
our label CYCLOPS is proud to announce the latest Sampler – the sixth in their award winning series. This budget 2CD set has 140 minutes of exclusive, alternate and rare tracks from bands on the label.

"For the first CD of the set Abarax have produced a new opus showcasing their great guitar work...."
Disk 1:

1. ABARAX - Journeys End/Autumn Storm 14:11  (listen to Autumn Storm / 2:17 min)
2. ANDREWS, ROB & RA - Last Farewells 5:48
3. DISCIPLINE - Canto IV (Limbo) (live) 13:43
4. DRAMA - A Revelation (alternate) 7:30
5. FLAMBOROUGH HEAD - Mantova (live) 8:20
6. THE GIFT - Escalation (alternate) 6:21
7. KARDA ESTRA - The Alpha And The Omega 7:15
8. LANDS END - My Home (alternate) 6:57

Disk 2:

1. MOSTLY AUTUMN - Heroes Never Die (2000 reprise) 8:26
2. NAUTILUS - The Dark Room 5:36
3. NICE BEAVER - Saturday Night Beaver 7:12
4. THE PINEAPPLE THIEF - Dead In The Water and Blood On Your Hands 12:56
5. PRODUCT - Stranger and Kiroshi 10:22
6. SENSITIVE TO LIGHT - Carpe Diem (alternate) 7:16
7. TRION - Out There Somewhere 4:31
8. TR3NITY - Into The Dark (alternate) 13:16
10.11.2006 - pROCKfest Bünde
Abarax gigged at pROCKfest, a two day festival in Bünde, Germany on Friday 10. November. The Line up: Abarax, Riverside & The Flower Kings, Saturday 11 November: Flamborough Head, The Watch & Pendragon. Great festival, great audience, great musicians! For more details please visit the pROCKfest website.
30.08.2006 - Abarax start recording new album
Next month Abarax will be back into the timelessrock studio in Enger to start the recording of their second album. If all the new ideas are captured and everybody behaves as one should whilst recording (somtimes we do forget), the Album ought to be ready by spring 2007.

We will not be getting bored this winter, we haven`t got the time to. See you all in November at the pROCKfest in Bünde.

29.03.2006 - line up complete for pROCKfest  10.+11. Nov 2006
Friday 10th november '06 (Stadtgarten Bünde/Westf. - Germany): Abarax live on stage together with the famous "Flower Kings" from Sweden and the currently eminent succesfully "Riverside" from Poland. The line up for the second day of the festival is now confirmed: "Pendragon" from England, "The Watch" from Italy and "Flamborough Head" from Holland.
27.02.2006 - CD release "Crying Of The Whales"
our album "Crying Of The Whales" is available now at your trusted record store or online shop (CD-ID is CYCL 153). You'll find a supplier link-list in our shop-area. Please let us know if you have any problems to purchase the cd.
29.01.2006 - abarax live at the "PROCKfest 2006"
great prog events are often forshadowed - abarax live together with some of the world-famous progrock artists.

10.11. + 11.11.2006  - Stadtgarten Bünde/Westf. - Germany

more info coming soon, please visit pROCKfest

11.01.2006 - our label Cyclops about "Crying Of The Whales"
Once again CYCLOPS have discovered a fantastic new progressive group. Abarax are a four piece band playing a brand of symphonic progressive rock music with its roots firmly in Pink Floyd territory.

"Crying Of The Whales" is a rock music epic describing the imaginative truth about the whales and the reasons for their existence.

The concept album of just over an hour of music is made up of eight tracks ranging from just over 3 minutes to 12 and a half minutes with even the shortest giving scope for thematic development. The real highlights of this album though are Dennis's soaring guitar solos. His guitar style owing much to Dave Gilmour, Nick Barrett and Bryan Josh. Much like RPWL their style owes a lot to Pink Floyd yet they have taken it on to create their own sound. The album is not just guitar work, there are keyboards aplenty, again with fine soloing, acoustic guitar and great vocals. Although there is the obvious message about the plight of the whales it is not detrimental to the music as it is the source of the soulful ambiance that pervades this album.

An album of power and grace that will appeal to those who like their symphonic progressive music with plenty of great guitar workouts.


Abarax est un quatuor jouant un rock Progressif symphonique dont les racines plongent fermement autour de PINK FLOYD.

"Crying Of The Whales" est une suite de musique rock relatant d'une vérité imaginaire à propos des baleines et des raisons de leur existence.

Ce concept-album dépassant tout juste une heure est constitué de huit morceaux de durée allant d'à peine plus de 3 minutes à 12 minutes et demi, où même le plus court laisse une place à un développement instrumental. Les temps forts de cet album sont toutefois les solos de guitare qui constituent de vraies envolées. Le style du guitariste s'apparente à celui de Dave GILMOUR, de Nick BARRETT et de Bryan JOSH. Au même titre que RPWL, le style de ABARAX doit beaucoup à PINK FLOYD, pourtant les musiciens ont bien choisi de créer leur propre identité sonore. On n'y entend pas que l'œuvre d'un guitariste, les claviers sont également très présents, donnant également lieu à d'excellents soli, la guitare acoustique et le chant remarquable ne sont pas en reste non plus. Même si le message sur la détresse des baleines est évident, ceci ne pèse pas sur la musique, constituant une source d'ambiances mélancoliques qui imprègnent cet album. Un album mêlant puissance et grâce, qui saura séduire tous ceux qui aiment la musique rock Progressive symphonique et où l'on entend beaucoup de grande guitare.


01.01.2006 - new homepage launched
after the new years party and lots of coffee we decided to put our new design into action. Please feel free to listen to some sound samples and to comment your thoughts in our guestbook. We wish all progrock fans a brilliant new year with lots of great music, gigs and new albums to listen to.